So let’s talk about enjoying life…

This might be a strange topic, but it’s also so important. Do you enjoy your life? Really? Everyone has their bad days, everyone has unique and different passions, and everyone is different; so trust me, I understand that just because you aren’t swimming with dolphins in tropical paradises or building homes in Haiti, doesn’t mean you aren’t enjoying life or making a difference. Absolutely everyone on this earth makes a difference. I promise, you have made a difference and you are here for a reason. Maybe you don’t know what it is quite yet, but that’s the whole point of life. Finding out what you are meant to do and discovering who you are, and being happy with both of the results.

No one wants to look back and wonder what could have been. I just hope if I can get any point across in this post it is this:


I can’t say it enough. Maybe I sound like a dreamer, and hell, maybe I am. But as I am watching all of my friends head of to university this week, I know a large amount of them are just going to university cause…they need to go to university. Whatever it is they want to pursue, having a college education at the end of the day is better than not. I am not saying anyone should have their lives figured at 18 or know exactly the direction they will go in, but some of my friends need to admit that. Just say it. “I don’t know what I want to do.” It’s not embarrassing or immature or a sentence anyone would scoff at. You are ALLOWED to not know, but now is the time to figure it out, whatever you think is best for you. And this DOES NOT just go for my young adult peers; everyone is still figuring it out! My point is…do not major in business because your parents want you to get a ‘good’ job. Do not become an accountant if you hate math. Do not ignore that rush you get when you are painting, or speaking French, making your own music, or when you stare up at the moon and wish you could one day walk on it. Those goosebumps you get, that passion you feel in your heart, that thrill you feel, and that smile on your face when you do what you truly love is who you are.

There is only one you out there, and you are here to do something amazing.

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