Welcome to WanderingMaureen!

Hey there!

Every time I’ve begun to write a blog post the past year or two, I feel guilt for being so terribly inconsistent with this blog I take ownership of, a blog with my name in the title, and a blog I continue to leave on some of my social media links which makes me look like I’m some sort of trendy blogger…whose posts are very, very out of date. Obviously this site has accumulated some dust over the years, but I just renewed my domain name for it, so I’ve figured why not give it a whack again and really recommit myself? Although I’ve said it in almost every other post and always had good intentions, I’m going to try to hold myself to it this time. And you can hold it to me, too. I want this blog to be a proud reflection of myself instead of a source of embarrassment and forgotten intentions in my life, or just another thing I started and didn’t finish. My writing skills are a little rusty, but let’s do this! Welcome to WanderingMaureen.com!

As I hope this blog grows and I do with it, I think it’s always good to define a website and what topics to expect, or what my intentions are for this place. From my nature and general being, and obviously the title, most expect this site to be about travel. I love to travel, that is a given, but I will not always be transient and think it’s important I start to broaden the horizon beyond being considered solely a “travel blog”, which was the intention when I first started it, but that didn’t work out super great. Although it will be my main focus, I’m sure I will write about other things as well.

My interests grow more everyday, always pulling me in opposing directions, and I hope I can fulfill the pull I feel towards all of them in some way throughout my life, but I’ll definitely explore them on here. No matter what I pursue outside of this blog, I love that I can pursue or discuss any topic of interest here and feel unlimited, regardless of my lack of knowledge involving so many of them. I’m not going to try to adapt a persona of anyone other than who I am, I’m not trying to impress anyone, and I’ll express myself as freely and as honestly as possible. There will be times I will have an agenda with a blog post, and I’m sure there will be other times I just write for the sake of writing. I want this blog to be a place for my most honest thoughts and experiences, but still entertaining for anyone reading it.

Even though this site will consist of my thoughts and my words, I don’t like the idea of this blog only being about me, my experiences, my feelings, and just all about Maureen. I know one of the most important purposes, if not the most important purpose for me as a human being, is to try my best to make myself and those around me happy and fulfilled. Talking about myself or how I feel all of the time doesn’t move me in that direction, and I’m sure it would get boring for you too. I really encourage anyone taking the time to read this to email me or comment below and tell me how you feel or your thoughts. Writing can make you feel like you’re talking to yourself sometimes, and I love hearing your opinions and learning from them.

As I said, the name “WanderingMaureen” really implies a state of being, since I don’t seem to stay in one spot for too long; I don’t think I ever have (ask my fourth grade teacher, sitting in a seat is sooo boring) and we’ll see if I ever do. But due to some pretty serious ADD and the strictly right-sided brain I was born with, I’ve always have a wandering state of mind as well, much more often than a wandering state of being. The name applies to my seemingly transient way of moving around physically, but mostly it speaks to the way my mind has always operated. Anyone who knows me or has been around me knows I easily drift off (bless you for dealing with me). Of course it’s rude, and something I’ve (kind of) worked towards fixing my whole life, but I have also come to accept who I am and my quirks.

My point is, I want to create this blog, WanderingMaureen, into a lot more than a girl who travels with a camera. I’m writing this for me to look back on one day, but I also hope it makes someone laugh or smile, or maybe piques somebody’s curiosity about a new topic or place. Writing is my way to escape, and even if no one reads this, I still enjoying doing it and it makes me happy. I’m looking forward to growing this into what it has potential to be and appreciate your support just by reading this. If you ever want to reach out, whether if you agree or disagree or want to hear more or less, I’d always love to hear from you.



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